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Rules for usage of the VNZ Quality Services PVT. LTD (VNZMS) Certification Mark and some establishments about usage of a Management System Certificate

After the grant of a management system certificate, its holder is qualified to use VNZ Management Systems Pvt. Ltd (VNZMS) certification mark. VNZ Quality Services Pvt. Ltd (VNZMS) certification mark (below only certification mark) can be used only in line with these rules.

Certification mark cannot be used for the scope of activities, which were not certified. If the holder uses certification mark well in the way which could evoke illusion that the certification mark relate to activities uncertified by VNZ Quality Services Pvt. Ltd (VNZMS), holder is liable to ensure for this actuality in the fresh page of the actual document by the sentence: in the areas (the list of areas) VNZ Quality Services Pvt. Ltd (VNZMS) management system certification mark is not valid.

Certification mark shall not be used in the way, which should evoke illusion at third party that it is certified product or service.

Certification mark shall not be used for a product respectively neither for a package, nor on certificates of conformance for products and referent documents.

If a holder has more units / plants, certification mark shall be used only in the units / plants, in which certification took place.

This applies also for usage of certification mark within the mother, daughter or sister companies In the case of interest of the certified subject in emphasizing of reality that a product, service respectively other activity was made respectively performed in the conditions of certified management system, this sentence should be e.g. put on the cover of the product: This product (this service) was made (was offered) in the conditions of a certified management system, which covers requirements of the standard . and this system was certified by VNZ Quality Services Pvt. Ltd (VNZMS).

Certification mark could be used on advertising and marketing materials and goods. Advertising and marketing materials or goods are not samples of products made by certified subject, if the certified subject does not produce products normally used like advertising materials. In this case certification mark can be used only for products assessed for advertising of a holder, which are free given to potential or present clients of a holder.

Only with the complete adherence of these rules written in this document the holder can use certification mark in the business correspondence (letters heads, envelopes and so on) and in advertising of certified areas and it shall not be used in documents, which do not have connection with certified areas.

If the third party will ask for responsibility of VNZ Quality Services Pvt. Ltd (VNZMS) by a title of anti-contractual or illegal usage of a certificate or of a certification mark from the side of a holder, holder has to disburden VNZ Management Systems Pvt. Ltd (VNZMS) in full rate from all requirements of the third party. It applies the same for the acts of a subjects invocations on the basis of advertising from the side of a holder.

Certification mark VNZ Quality Services Pvt. Ltd (VNZMS) shall not be used in the way which signifies that certification body assumes responsibility for quality of products, services and other activities of a holder.

It is also possible to use certification mark in different colouring from official display, in this case only one colour can be used for the whole certification mark.

It is also possible to use other sizes of certification mark like it is in official display, but it is necessary to remain the ratio of certification mark sides according to official display. After the end of beneficial use the holder is obligatory to send back a certificate VNZ Quality Services Pvt. Ltd (VNZMS) and to forbear of any usage of certification mark.

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