Welcome to VNZ Quality Services

VNZ Quality Services Pvt. Ltd (VNZMS) is impartial, it manages possible conflicts of interests and assures objectiveness during activities related to certification.

The basic values of the certification body VNZ Quality Services Pvt. Ltd (VNZMS)


We believe in time and commitment


VNZ stands for Vision, Network and Zeal. VNZ believes that any organization needs right kind of vision, networking and zeal to grow in this competetive world.

To fulfill mission and achieve vision management of VNZ Quality Services Pvt. Ltd (VNZMS) sets this


  • Audit realization pragmatic approach, suggestions for improvement, independence
  • Auditors Expertness, education, motivation
  • Customer relation flexibility, face-to-face contact, partnership
  • Consultants relation fair, co-operation
  • Our QMS utility, improvement
  • International activities network of repeated organizations

4th Floor Rectangle No.1, Behind Marriot Hotel Saket, Commercial Complex D4, Saket, New Delhi, 110017.
Website : www.vnzms.org, Email : director@vnzms.org
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